Producer, Stage Manager | Abu Dhabi, UAE


April 28, 2019; The Arts Center at NYUAD

Created through a collaborative process that mirrors that of a dance company, Vitae is an exploration of beginnings and endings; the piece abstractly represents the life of an aspiring artist that follows a piece of red cloth across multiple bodies. The piece is split into three chapters, moving through a journey of birth and exploration, before descending into chaos.



Choreographer and Director: Kevin Ke

Project Producer: Ethan David Lee

Arts Center Producer: Sara Booth

Sound Design: Garreth Chan

Lighting Design: Leslie Gray

Graphic Design: Van Anh Bui

Movement Consultant: Guillermo Schlamp


Alexandra Urbániková

Alice Huang

Cameron Shetler

Emma Yunqi Song

Kate Korobkova

Katrin Todorova

Frieda-Luna Schloer

Tona Carapia Valle

Van Anh Bui