Red is the Blood of the People

Director | Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE


Short+Sweet Abu Dhabi 2019; January 25th - 26th, 2019; The Arts Center at NYUAD

Short+Sweet Dubai 2019; February 15th - 16th, and March 2nd, 2019; The Junction on Alserkal Avenue

An original work written by Tan Tzy Jiun, Red is the Blood of the People is a piece of Malaysia’s nation-building history. It is an attempt to reopen the wounds of colonial trauma, to make sense of how power continues to operate in historical narratives, and to understand, as descendants of colonised bodies, why the ghosts of our ancestors will continue to haunt us. The show is also inspired by classical epic story-telling. Written in spoken-word poetry style, performed by fragmented voices, we aim to tell a story of one in multiples, and multiples in one.



Written by Tan Tzy Jiun
Directed by Ethan David Lee
Cast: Ming Ee Tham, Jamie Gabrielle Uy, and Lily Khamizan
Creative Assistants: Tori Mondello, Lulu Qonita


Short+Sweet Abu Dhabi - Best Overall Production

Short+Sweet Abu Dhabi - Best Script (Tan Tzy Jiun)

Short+Sweet Abu Dhabi - Best Director (Ethan David Lee)
Short+Sweet Abu Dhabi - People's Choice

Short+Sweet Dubai - Judges Semi-Finalist