Director | Abu Dhabi, UAE


NYU Abu Dhabi Student-led Production
November 15 - 17, 2018; The Arts Center at NYUAD

The NYU Abu Dhabi Theater Program presents, in partnership with the The Arts Center at NYUAD, a student led production. Fornés is a celebration of the works of Cuban-American playwright, Maria Irene Fornés. This interpretation of Fornés’ work presents three short and surreal plays, Dr. Kheal, Drowning, and Hunger. Staged in series, these plays approach questions of humanity, gender expectations, loneliness, love, and other-worldliness. They invite a close look at the experiences and connections that comprise our human condition, both in the familiar and the uncanny.


Directors: Ethan David Lee (Dr. Kheal) and Vicky Critchlow (Drowning, Hunger)
Stage Managers: Isabel Rios and Lily Khamizan
Lighting Designers: Zain Mustafa and Ayesha Sameer
Sound Designers: Sreerag Jyothish and Shin Won Kim
Set, Props, and Costume Designers: Shenuka Corea, Gabor Gellai, and Marika Niko

Dr. Kheal - Smrithi Nair
Crissanda - Katrin Todorova
Pea - Ophelia Senfter
Roe - Yasmeen Tajiddin
Stephen - Katrin Todorova
Birdie - Elza Legran
Charlie - Matthew Tan
Reba - Tori Mondello
Ray - Hubert Garrish
Angel - Morgane Motlik